New Building Planned for Old Fulton Street

Application has been made to construct a new building at 9 Old Fulton, in the currently empty lot. This is within the FFL historic district, but since it is a new building next to an historic row of houses, the height and design will be extremely important.  The application was approved by the CB2 Land Use Committee over several no votes; a motion to approve without a rooftop “mezzanine”  was defeated by one vote.  

The design has been described to us as a penthouse “cube” on top of the 4-story building. We have concerns that the bulkhead will encroach on the view of the Bridge, will be seen from the street, and will be inconsistent with the historic character of this row of houses, whose history extends back to the 1830’s.  

A Public viewing of the plans will be held at the Landmarks Preservation Commission office,  1 Centre Street, 9th floor, on May 1st followed by a Public Hearing on Tuesday, May 5th, starting at 9:30 am.  If you are interested please come, see for yourself, and most importantly, speak to the LPC on May 5th about the importance of maintaining the character of this historic neighborhood.


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